Bultaco Mk15 Pursang

Posted by David Wise on 6th Jun 2019

Bultaco Mk15 Pursang

With only 7 units built, the Bultaco Mk15 Pursang is a rare beast, and never really got a chance to show how good it was, In Spain replicas have been built that have proved to be successful racers.

If you want to buy an original they sell for around €40,000, but getting the collectors to part with one is almost impossible.

We now have a replica of an original frame, together with all the plastics, and an engine, so over the coming months we will be building a Bultaco Mk15 Pursang Replica.

If all goes well, we intend to build another 5 units, so if you want one for your collection, but do not want to spend €40,000, give us a call

Need help? We're available at+44 1252 849698 - Email us atsales@moto-classic.com orlive help
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